Amazing Facts About Food You Never Knew


     Did you know that food stickers are edible? That cheese is stolen more often than other products? Food is the richest material for research. Interesting facts about food can be told almost endlessly. So take something delicious from the fridge, make some hot tea and check the 22Bet app before you proceed to our article. 

    Throughout the history of its existence, people have always done 3 things – get married, die and eat. And a lot of interesting facts about food have accumulated during this time. Here are some of them.

1. Surprise Pie

     In 16th century England, the most trendy dish among the aristocracy and golden youth was “surprise pie”. When such a cake was cut at feasts in front of guests, live birds flew out of it!

2. Cheese

    Cheese is recognized as the most desirable food for thieves around the world. It is stolen from stores most often.

3. Non-alcoholic Drinks In Russia

     Until 2011, Russian legislation classified beer and all drinks with less than 10 degrees as non-alcoholic.

4. A Berry Once A Berry All The Time

     Bananas, like watermelons, are berries. But strawberries are not! This is a flower bed. The banana plant is a giant grass, and bananas are its berries. By definition, a berry is “a soft, juicy fruit containing several seeds.” And the grass is “a plant with a fleshy, but not woody stem, which after the plant has flowered and produced seeds, dies down to the ground.”

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5. Mr. Sandwich

      The sandwich was invented by a man named Earl Sandwich. He was an avid poker player and refused to leave the poker table for food.

6. Can You Hear It?

      You can hear the rhubarb grow! The sound comes from the opening buds. It is said that during the growing season, rhubarb constantly squeaks.

7. Use Extinguisher

      A large bag of pistachios so that any large amount of these nuts can catch fire at any time. Do not play with food, it might end terribly…

8. Any Thoughts About Becoming Rich?

     You can make not only sandwiches and snacks from peanut butter but also diamonds! According to one hypothesis, diamonds are formed from carbon under very high pressure. Almost all foods contain carbon, so researchers from the Bayerisches Geoinstitut, the Bayerisches Geoinstitut, have succeeded in making an artificial diamond in the laboratory from ordinary peanut butter. It can be obtained from any oil, even from the one you usually have for breakfast. And then, in the usual way, the diamond turns into a diamond!

9. Mushrooms Are Lazy

      Mushrooms cannot be overcooked. So whenever you hear the myths about mushrooms, you can smile like a professional cook. 

10. Listen Louder, Eat More

      Loud music can make you drink more and more often. The soft, quiet sound of music like jazz does not cause heart palpitations and adrenaline rush, which helps us to better control our choices and not succumb to temptations. Loud and rhythmic rock, on the contrary

11. Slaves Loved This

     Lobsters and oysters were once the food of the simple people and slaves. We wonder if anyone thinks why the price on them is so high? 

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12. Hungry? Try this Then.

       Fruit stickers are edible. Manufacturers claim all stickers are made from edible paper. And the adhesive on the sticker is edible. Similar paper is also used as a decoration for cakes.

13. Was It Delicious? 

       Astronaut John Young dropped a bean and beef sandwich into outer space in 1965. And scientists are arguing about the lack of food…

14. Do Not Kill Flies, Get Some Chocolate! 

       If there were no flies, there would be no chocolate. Everything good in life has to be paid for. Chocolate midges have long been fond of pollinating cocoa trees, and carry pollen from one plant to another. When cocoa beans are harvested, insects are also partly included in the crop.


15. Back To Lobsters Or Something Hot?

     In the Middle Ages, hot pepper was such an expensive and valuable commodity that it was accepted as payment for loans and taxes. 

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