How to Become an SQL Developer in 2022

Become an SQL Developer in 2022

The rapid digitization around the world has left companies with huge volumes of data to deal with. This data is managed in databases with massive amounts of customer data. No matter the size of a business, there is a huge influx of data that needs to be managed. 

This data is the doorway to a company’s success in the market. Companies are always on the lookout for skilled professionals who can manage these databases. This has created a huge demand for SQL Developers who have undergone SQL course in the current job market.

  • Who is an SQL Developer?
  • What does an SQL Developer do?
  • How to become an SQL Developer?
  • Demand for SQL Developers
  • Conclusion

Who is an SQL Developer?

SQL Developers are IT professionals who design, create, and maintain databases using SQL or Structured Query Language. SQL is a widely-used programming language that helps organize, retrieve and clean the data in databases. SQL Developers are usually well-versed in Oracle, MySQL, SQLite, and other types of SQL.

What does an SQL Developer do?

An SQL Developer’s main job is to create and maintain databases according to the company’s requirements. Let’s look at some of the duties of an SQL Developer:

  • SQL developers have to design database systems
  • They have to insert, delete, and create data when it’s required by applications
  • They write SQL queries to best integrate with apps
  • They are also responsible for running tests and fixing bugs
  • They have to secure databases
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How to become an SQL Developer?

There are some requirements to become an SQL Developer. Let’s talk about them:

  • Bachelor’s Degree
    Having a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or any other field can definitely help in the journey to becoming an SQL Developer. You can gain some basic knowledge in database management.
  • Online Training
    Due to the rising demand for SQL Developers, a lot of platforms have started providing online training in SQL for freshers as well as professionals. These courses usually have flexible timings so working professionals can take advantage and upskill themselves.
  • Internship
    You can do an internship where you can gain hands-on experience working with SQL. The more experience you gain working with SQL, the easier it will be for you to get a good job.

There are some skills that are required of good SQL Developers. Let’s take a look at the technical skills first:

Technical Skills

  • Database
    SQL Developers need to use databases to help with business logic.
  • SQL
    SQL helps developers run complex queries. It is a required skill to maintain databases.
  • T – SQL
    Transact-SQL or T-SQL is an important extension for SQL. It allows developers to filter legacy systems.

While the technical skills are important to validate your technical proficiency, interviewers also look for certain soft skills in an SQL Developer. Please go through these for frequently asked SQL Interview questions which will help you crack Interviews out of ease.

Soft Skills

  • Analytical Skills
    SQL Developers need to work with client requirements and tailor the design according to their needs. This means they need to have excellent analytical skills.
  • Communication
    SQL Developers need to communicate with multiple people and teams like network engineers, vendors, developers, etc. It is important that they are able to communicate effectively.
  • Collaboration
    SQL Developers have to constantly collaborate with other teams. This skill is important to delivering projects on time.
  • Problem Solving
    SQL Developers need to be problem solvers by nature. They are responsible for providing apt solutions to the company.
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Demand for SQL Developers

Even though it seems like there’s a lot of effort in becoming an SQL Developer, it is worth it. SQL is one of the most popular technologies. The amount of data companies are receiving is just increasing every day. This means there is a huge demand for SQL Developers. 

The job of SQL Developers isn’t restricted to one field. Companies in all industries need people to manage their databases. With more companies becoming data-driven, the job opportunities for SQL Developers is immense. 

The average salary for an SQL Developer in the US is $88,938 per annum. That’s not even it! SQL Developers also stand to earn about $44 per hour by working as a consultant at companies. In India, the average salary for SQL Developers is ₹445,712.

It is predicted that there will be 284,100 new jobs in the field by 2028 in the US alone. That’s an increase of about 21%. The job role will keep evolving as new technologies come into play and more companies adopt a data-driven approach. This field promises a bright and exciting future ahead.


The more our world depends on data, the more in-demand SQL Developers will be. And that’s a great opportunity because we know we are steering towards a future with massive volumes of data pouring into companies. 

If you want to hop on this train and make a career as an SQL Developer, you can enroll in a certification course in SQL. Certification will increase your chances of landing your dream job. 

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