Mobile signal booster: Enjoy life without connection problems!

The most popular form of communication in the world is the mobile wireless network. One of the most common customer concerns nowadays is “poor reception”. The legal signal booster might help in this situation.

How do mobile network extenders work?

You may use an amplifier at home to enhance the mobile network. Others refer to them as repeaters. Considering that they just have 3 components, their basic operating concept is straightforward.

What units does a mobile signal booster consist of?

There is an exterior antenna first. Its function is to receive a signal from a relay antenna directing a mobile network to the area. The amplifier, whose function it is to magnify the signal—that is, make it more potent—is connected to the external antenna. The indoor antenna is then connected to the amplifier. The latter’s goal is to transmit the new mobile network to the appropriate home or location following amplification.

Who are mobile signal boosters for?

Different consumer profiles may need the use of a legal mobile signal booster. A person living in a remote region, where there is little or no cell service, would surely be OK with a gadget like this from UCtel. Other cases, though, may warrant the acquisition of such technology. There are mobile GSM signal enhancers in particular. This means they are portable and do not require installation like traditional amplifiers. They may be quite beneficial for organizing a house on wheels or a boat, for example.


It is also possible that the premises, particularly for enterprises, are underserved by the mobile network. We may think of corporations with offices in historic buildings encircled by massive stone walls in particular. Of course, there is no or very limited mobile network in this sort of architecture. Installing an amplifier can then quickly address the problem.

What are the limitations of these mobile network repeaters?

For postal and internet communications, each nation has its own regulating authority. And in addition, there are legislative bases where you can find information about a legal mobile signal booster. Such provisions should clarify what types of equipment are allowed to be installed in your country, at what frequencies they must operate, and whether regulatory approvals are required.


Since the frequency bands are reserved exclusively for mobile operators, in some countries they are the only ones who have the right to operate these frequencies and thus install equipment such as repeaters. If there is a problem with cell phone coverage in the building, they are the ones you should contact to try and determine a solution.

How to choose the right mobile network booster?

First of all, you should know that a legal mobile signal amplifier, for example, by UCtel will be effective only if certain conditions are met. For example, the antenna must be placed in a place where the network is minimal. The system is an amplifier, which means that it requires a signal, even a weak one, to function.


For the equipment to work, the receiving antenna must be located in the area, even slightly, reinforced by the network. The standard amplifier is suitable for zones with 3-5 network divisions, at the level of the future external antenna. A weaker signal may require investing in a more powerful and expensive amplifier.


There are more efficient antennas. They make it possible to catch the signal better. However, be careful not to abuse it. Some antennas, especially parabolic models, are very powerful. Used in premises where the mobile network is of good quality, they can overload the relay towers and thereby disrupt the network. The signal level inside the house or room is not important. The role of the new internal antenna is to propagate the new signal after it has been amplified.


Mobile signals, that is, the GSM network through which calls pass, and 3G and 4G LTE mobile Internet, use frequency bands. There are several that operators share. Before choosing a band booster, you should find out about the frequency bands that your carrier uses in the repeater deployment area.

What area can the amplifier cover?

There are boosters and antennas for every situation and for the needs of both residents of remote villages and large businesses. Depending on their power, different models distribute the signal in the following directions:

  • up to 300 m²
  • from 300 to 500 m²
  • from 500 to 1200 m²
  • more than 1200 m²


This value represents the maximum area of coverage in the absence of any obstacles to signal propagation. To determine the actual coverage, divide this value by 3, and by 5 if some margin is needed.


Does the amplifier work only when there is a good signal outside (4 or 5 bars)?

Not at all. The amplifier can be used even if the signal outside the building is only 1 or 2 bars. However, you will need an amplifier that provides a more powerful boost.

Which mobile network booster to choose for which operator?

Various websites classify amplifiers according to the frequency ranges used, the carrier and the type of signal to be amplified. In this regard, there are different classes of amplifiers that can amplify one or more frequency ranges. This is called a single-, two-, or three-band amplifier.


The tri-band amplifier is capable of amplifying both the GSM signal used for making calls and 3G and 4G LTE networks, for example. A single-band amplifier amplifies only one. The price obviously increases depending on the number of simultaneously amplified bands.


Various network booster comparators allow you to sort legal boosters of mobile signals by operator, as well as by the size of the room to be covered and the type of signal being amplified. These websites usually offer personalized help when needed.


With the help of these specialized sites, it is possible to get up-to-date advice on choosing its amplifier. Some models work with all frequency bands and operators, but their price is often high. However, it can be an interesting alternative for coverage where people live or work, where people subscribe to different operators.


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