Security Issues in Online Games – Everything You Need to Know


Many people like to play online games, and from time to time they are so immersed in the process that they lose track of time and stay up until late at night. The huge popularity of online games lies in the fact that in most of them there is a multiplayer mode. In order to gain access to multiplayer, you almost always need to be registered on gaming platforms. This is partly done for user convenience, but, as with registering on any site, there is the possibility of exposing yourself to the risk of scammers and hackers. If you know how to take care of yourself in order to play safely, then you can continue to enjoy online games. If you are not sure about that then read our article where we will try to sort out the main security issues when it comes to online games.


Everyone has probably heard about Trojans that are able to guess the password of an account or record the data entered on your keyboard in order to hack. Very often, such malware and viruses get onto devices after visiting suspicious sites, or after installing an unlicensed program. In order to protect yourself from hackers, you must use the latest version of the software and antivirus.

Checking Websites

Continuing the theme of malware, Internet users should always check the sites that require registration. Many large games have clone sites created by scammers in order to obtain data from your payment systems. Each site must have a secure connection. It is also considered useful to read reviews about a particular online game or site where you want to register, especially when it comes to games with monetary investments.

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For example, online casinos like Bet22 and sites that sell multiplayer game items are the most popular among scammers. Because of their popularity more and more scammers try to create clones that will deceive users into spending a large amount of money.

Phishing Emails

Phishing is a scam that sends emails that look like official messages from a real company. They usually relate to problems with the user’s account or an important message inviting you to follow a certain link.

The risk is that the link will lead to a fraudulent site that will ask you to enter personal information such as a username and password. Unfortunately, the entered information is transferred directly to hackers, who will later be able to gain access to this account.

These days, attackers are really good at creating emails and copying websites with fraudulent URLs that look just like your favourite game. So if you receive such emails, you should check the email address from which the letter was sent. You need to fully verify the safety of the account in the game. Directly enter the website URL in the browser,

Basic Precautions

Unfortunately, people still register on websites using simple passwords like 12345 or surf the Internet without an antivirus program. They also fall for any malware tricks that often ask to transfer money to a specific wallet to unlock a computer or device. To avoid such issues, make sure you have a proper antivirus program installed.

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