Why You Should Choose Stick Packaging for Your Single Use Product

Stick Packaging

These days, practically as much thought goes into a product’s packaging as it does the product itself. Hyperbole aside, marketing researchers have discovered that consumers appreciate choices, and packaging choices open up new opportunities for both consumers as well as the brands that they love.

Stick pack pouches are a kind of flexible packaging characterized by their small and narrow shape. They are a unique way to get potential customers’ attention, especially those that travel frequently or have a need to bring any of the various products with them for use outside the home.

For Products That Can Be Used on the Go

A coffee packaging company might utilize all sorts of packaging sizes. They often give consumers the choice to buy in bulk, thus saving some money. Of course, there is the traditional pound-size option, too. More and more coffee and tea manufacturers, however, are also employing stick packaging so that consumers can engage in a more on-the-go experience.

Coffee is a great product to focus on when thinking about the convenience provided by stick packs. You may be going on a trip and wanted to make sure that you can access your favorite coffee. In the past, you may have poured some grounds from a bigger package into a little piece of Tupperware, which is less than ideal. Today, you can simply purchase one or a handful of stick packs of your favorite coffee, to remain sealed and intact until the moment you are going to use it.

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These little packages don’t just exude convenience, but they are strong and durable. There is no risk of seeing coffee grounds spilled all over the bottom of a tote because there’s no way the airtight packs can be opened until they are opened by choice. Even the finest Tupperware can’t guarantee this.

To Ensure Product Is Experienced as Expected

Custom print mylar bags go a long way toward emphasizing your brand and its product. Their tremendous value doesn’t simply lie in the fact that they stand up on the shelf, showcasing your logo, image and other information in vivid, professional-level imaging. They also protect the product within, whether it’s peanuts, coffee beans, sugar or anything else.

Mylar-style bags are highly desirable in the food, herb and supplement space.  Their strength and durability are matched by their ability to protect what’s inside from potential external threats, such as sunlight, air or moisture. When these bags are sealed shut and delivered to the marketplace, they arrive airtight and with a sell-by date that extends beyond what other packaging types would allow. After purchase, the consumer has the option to open and reseal the bag at will, which also extends the life of the product.

Stick packaging is not only laudable for the convenience that it provides, but for its strength and durability. In this case, smaller doesn’t mean weaker. These small items are as mighty as any sized mylar bag. Because of their ability to be slipped into a purse or a pocket, they have quickly become a favorite among consumers and those brands that don’t employ them might just be losing sales. Visit a flexible packaging website today to explore your single-use packaging options and match your product to its perfect packaging tomorrow.

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