The best ways to achieve sustainability in your business, according to Marc Anthony Hurr


Implementing a sustainability strategy for a company has proven to be profitable in various aspects, as it has the ability to operate for an extended period of time while responsibly managing its processes in order to optimize existing resources. If you are looking to implement sustainability in your company, Marc Anthony Hurr presents five basic tips to optimize the process.

Sustainability strategies involve a conscious analysis of the amount of resources consumed, knowing every point in the value chain where deficiencies can be detected. Restructuring negative points towards sustainability has an impact on three important aspects of the company: economic, social, and environmental.

In almost all cases of companies that have chosen to implement sustainability strategies, there has been an increase in sales due to the growing community of responsible consumers who are aware of the efforts and environmental impact of the company, which contributes to their decision to purchase.

Marc Anthony Hurr’s tips for achieving sustainability in your company are:

  • Manage energy and transportation resources

The first actions you can take in the sustainability strategy are to encourage the reduction of energy consumption within the facilities, such as turning off computers that are not in use, reducing the use of heating, and turning off lights in spaces without an immediate purpose. In terms of transportation, you should invest in replacing vehicles with electric or hybrid ones, while promoting sustainable mobility among employees by using public transportation or bicycles as a means of transportation.

  • Responsible waste management

As a company grows, it generates more waste, which can be recycled by seeking reuse and reducing the volume of waste. Materials that can have a second life within the company should be utilized; otherwise, look for specialized companies in the recycling of the type of waste you manage.

  • Ecodesign as a basis
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Ecodesign should be the basis for structuring projects for the services offered, maintaining an environmental point of view from the beginning of the production process to the final use given by the user. The key is to use materials from renewable sources, which, in their process, have low energy consumption and minimum use of non-renewable resources.

  • Encourage consumer behavior

Setting an example with the creation, distribution, and use of the product does not always work. Therefore, you should promote awareness campaigns among your buyers, generating responsible consumption and behavior. Such campaigns can reward responsible actions by users.

  • Environmental thinking as a pillar

To add greater value in financial and social aspects, the sustainability strategy must be integrated into as many processes as the company has, from day-to-day operations to commercial dealings, taking the same actions in each department, avoiding fragmentation among them. Experience has shown that sustainable companies in the long term must have their environmental goals at their core.


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