With the advent of smartphones, apps have also become increasingly important. No one can imagine accessing social media without using an app anymore. It is a direct link to our virtual social life. We can share our content, memories, and thoughts within seconds. Or sometimes even our live score for betting

As demand has increased, the number of different apps has exploded. A smartphone is not enough to download at least half of them. No matter what you are looking for, the market is prepared. There are a variety of applications that help in learning a language, or those that are simply for entertainment. 

It’s gotten to the point where you would miss something if you left the house without your phone. What would one do while waiting for the bus or traveling on the subway? 

Although there is a broad consensus on which apps are the most popular right now, the market is so dynamic that it can change within a year. 

The top 10 apps consist mainly of social media platforms. In first place is Tik Tok. This app has been downloaded over 656 million times. Followed by Instagram with 545 million downloads. Facebook is in third place with 416 million downloads. 

Whatsapp was downloaded 395 million times and Telegram 329 times. Followed by Snapchat with a rate of 314 million. 

Zoom gained attention especially during the Covid 19 crisis, with around 300 million people using the app. Followed by Facebook Messenger. The last two are CapCut and Spotify. With 255 million and 203 million, respectively. 

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But are the same apps so popular everywhere?


The answer is no. If we look at the US, the featured apps also correspond to the most popular in that country. But in the UK, the list looks a little different. There, the NHS app, WhatsApp, and Microsoft Teams top the list. 

On the other side of the world, in China, other platforms are in demand again. WeChat, AliPay, and Taobao, for example. 

In India, MX TakaTak is the most popular, followed by Instagram and Facebook. So there are common characteristics. Social media in particular has become increasingly popular. But there are no games or learning platforms that are very popular everywhere. It remains to be seen what else the market will come up with. But it is certain that these apps will be at the forefront in the next few years.  

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